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Featured Client

Moda Fabrics Re-Design

With our help, Moda Fabrics completely overhauled their entire digital presence. The new design of their site brings in a modern UI/UX across their content sections as well as their customers shopping experience. Using mStorefront also ensures their brand is consistent across all devices- desktop to mobile.

Moda's Inspiration & Resource Center

Introducing Moda's Resource + Inspiration Center! We consolidated three of their Blogs into one section. This gives their customers a single platform to get all the information, stories, and sample designs they desire.

Inspiration is everywhere -the only limitation we have is when we don't let ourselves imagine, to see possibilities.

Moda's mStorefront

Marketing, Content, Blogs, or Catalog downloads, nothing matters unless the site is centered around an easy-to-use shopping experience. mStorefront has been the center piece that has enabled Moda Fabrics to continue to be the leader in their market.


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